Real Time Web Apps Development and Consulting

We Build Realtime Apps using NodeJS

Enbake is a NodeJS development shop specializing in developing realtime web apps using NodeJS and HTML5.

Framework Driven Development

We use Industry Standard NodeJS frameworks like ExpressIO, Sales.JS, Locomotive Etc. This ensures the code quality and flexibility.

Mobile Ready

We use standard event driven model with NodeJS so that the interface can easily be consumed by Mobile Applications.

Traffic Intensive

All our apps are traffic intensive with ability to serve a lot of concurrent clients.

User Centric Design

Twitter bootstrap based design ensures that all our designs are mobile ready and well oiled for user experience.

Our Services

We offer wide range of development and consulting services using NodeJS.

Let us iterate it again. AJAX is not realtime. In a realtime web, every event is pushed to the client without any delay. Web Applications don’t scale well with long polling coupled with AJAX.


Nodejs Development

Nodejs is highly popular javascript framework for building event oriented servers. Since everything is asynchronous, Nodejs is highly instrumental in presence of events having high latency. Our team of Expert Nodejs Developers will help you build your next realtime interactive application that can span seamlessly across users and tra. Our experience with Nodejs spans across building chat applications/realtime gaming/backend or database event notification/collaboration systems and many other realtime use cases. Check the expertise of our NodeJS Developers.


Custom Real Time Web apps development

Our expert team of web application developers can help you build the application by using readymade Saas solutions for realtime events. Our expertise spans across Pusher, Pubnub, Firehose and many other Saas Event Notification systems. We can upgrade your PHP/RoR/Java application to consume realtime events readily with the use of backend event notification systems.