Spree Commerce Customization And Integrations

We Build Ecommerce stores for your Business

Expert Spree Commerce Developers with 5+ years of Industry Experience. 40+ Stores live in production.

Spree Development

Enbake has developed heavy duty Ecommerce platforms on top of Spree Commerce. We have built 40+ stores counting upto 20K+ hours of Spree Commerce Development. Our expertise spans across building ecommerce stores and customizing spree commerce as an ecommerce platform of choice.

Spree Themes Development and Customization

Our solutions include custom design templates coded as Spree themes with well defined url structure for SEO, SSL certificates compatible website. Social networking and custom product and category pages.

Spree Extensions Developer

Enbakeā€™s huge experience with Spree Commerce Development gives power to your store with custom and enhanced extensions. Our expertise lies in building new extensions and extending existing ones on the Spree Store. We are well versed on extensions like Spree-quick polls, Spree product options, product review ratings, spree-google base and site-maps.

Spree Commerce Customizations

As a pioneer in Spree Commerce development, We have customized Spree order management system, promotions, taxes, shipping methods, gift cards and checkout process with other on the go customization. Our team is well known for high end Spree Ecommerce solutions and open source contributions to spree commerce community.

Spree Commerce Solutions

With our unique expertise in Spree Commerce, our team can help you build your eCommerce Store with unique features and functionality.

Spree Order Management

Spree Commerce Order Management And Tracking

Enbake’s team has expert level knowledge of eCommerce Order management flow and can help you set it up seamlessly for your store

Spree Checkout Flow

Spree Commerce Checkout Flow Customization

Checkout flow is one of the most important processes in eCommerce Store. Spree Commerce has one of the most flexible checkout flows. Our team of expert Spree Commerce Developers can help you setup the spree commerce checkout flow as per your requirement.

Multistore Spree Commerce Installation

Multistore Spree Commerce Installation

It is a common requirement in eCommerce to setup multiple stores on one installation. Our deep expertise in spree-multistore arrangement can help you get off the shelf quickly

Payment Gateway Integration

Spree Commerce Payment Gateways Integration

Our eCommerce Team has expert level command on payment gateways like Braintree, paypal, BalancedPayments. We can setup payments flow for as complex systems as Marketplace.

Spree Commerce Shipping And Taxation

Spree Commerce Shipping And Taxation

Our Expertise lies in Integrating Spree Commerce with various Shipping providers like DHL, FedEx, UPS and Shipping Aggregators like iabol, Termando and various Drop Shipment solutions.We are well acquainted with Taxation Structure of various Countries and have integrated that as well in Spree Commerce Installations.

Spree Commerce Multilingual

Spree Commerce Multilingual stores

With our Expertise in Spree Commerce and Ruby on Rails(RoR) internationalization alike, we have built multilingual stores to target people with different native languages to bring more traffic to your store.