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If you have a website, or intend to have one, and want it to be highly visible on all of the major search engines, you need to incorporate a search engine marketing program into your exiting business structure. Without one, you website will not be able to compete in the ever growing and ever changing cyber world. There was a time when the phrase, “build it and they will come” was true, but in today’s competitive marketplace, it no longer exists. With the advent of search engines introducing fees for guaranteed inclusion in their indices, directories charging for reviews and the emergence of PPC listings, Search Engine Marketing SEM now has an element of media buying mixed in. Since SEM advertising is growing the value of search engines and it is one of the top areas of profitability for search engines. Since Internet users are becoming more educated and understand that SEM advertising can provide exactly what they may be looking for savvy Internet users will click on SEM results. Some research has shown that 25% of Internet users will click on a paid ad. SEM can be good or bad and the results of your campaign is based on how well it is managed.

SEM / PPC Advantages are:

  • Can be number one within hours of opening a SEM account if you are willing to bid for that top spot.
  • Pick specific keyword phrases
  • Can customize the web site’s ads with a specific title and description for each keyword phrase.
  • Test market a product or service or do a short term online promotion without waiting for a search engine to index the new product or service.
  • Many users will click on paid listings because they trust that a web site that is willing to pay for their business may be more legitimate and have more to offer.
  • Create specific landing pages for specific keywords.
As of summer 2006, Google began using a new spider to check the quality and content of landing pages and match the keywords with those landing pages. Web sites that are optimized for the products or services that they are bidding on will be receiving a better price per click than a web site that is not optimized. So an advertiser could be number one and pay less per click than number 3 simply because the web site is better optimized. For further details feel free to drop your contact details at Get-A-Quote and we will get back to you shortly.