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Expert NodeJS Development team

Expert NodeJS Developers with 5+ years of Industry Experience. 40+ Apps live in production. We have a team of Expert ExpressJS, SailsJS, MeteorJS and other NodeJS Framework Developers.

Guaranteed High Performance

Node.js works on a single-thread, uses an event-driven and a non-blocking I/O approach to handle multiple concurrent requests. Our Node.js development team is expert in building and delivering high performance applications with NodeJS.

Real Time Web Application

Node.js is used for real-time applications that means it provides the capability for two ways connections where the client and server both can initiate the communication which allows them to exchange the set of data. This enables building highly robust client/server applications and seemless communication between them.

Lightweight Approach

Evented IO in NodeJS enables usage of light weight application servers which inturn leads to lightening fast web applications. Expert NodeJS team in Enbake helps you build application on top of popular NodeJS frameworks.

Agile Project Management

Enbake’s Nodes developers are experienced in Agile Methodologies like sprint, scrum and other Agile SDLC variants.

Most Commonly used Node.js Frameworks

Although our Node.JS development team is expert in most of the Node.js development frameworks however we do prefer the following list of frameworks for critical projects.



Hapi.js is a Node.js web framework used for building (APIs). Our Robust team of Hapi.js developers has developed RESTful apps to be consumed by mobile and web clients alike. is a Node.js server framework used for building real-time web applications. allows event-driven, bidirectional communication between web clients and server. works as a client-side library running in the browser and as a server-side library for node.js. Our expert team of developers have built realtime communication apps on top of it.


Sails.js is one of the most popular real-time frameworks around for building Node.js applications. Sails.js offers a model-view controller (MVC) pattern for implementing data-driven application programming interfaces (APIs). The framework has gained ground for building real-time chat applications, dashboards and multiplayer games. Our expert team of Sails.JS developers can help you build a realtime node.js application efficiently and with top quality.


Koa.js is a powerful server framework for Node.js to build efficient web applications and application programming interfaces (APIs). Koa.js efficiently uses generators to efficiently deal with call backs and increase error-handling capabilities. This also improves readability of the application. Enbake has expert Koa.js developers who can take your application to the next level.


Total.js is one of the modern and modular Node.js frameworks supporting model-view controller (MVC) software architecture. It is fully compatible with various client-side frameworks, like Angular.js, Polymer, Backbone.js, Bootstrap and more. Total.js is fully extensible and asynchronous. One great feature of Total.js is that you don’t need any tools like Grunt to compress JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Additionally, the framework has NoSQL embedded database and supports array and other prototypes. Enbake has expert team of Total.JS developers available to take your application to the next developer


Express.js is used as web frameworks for Node.js. Express framework used for building a host of web and mobile applications as well as application programming interfaces (APIs). Expert ExpressJS developers at Enbake can help you build an application from scratch or maintain an existing application seemlessly.


Mojito is a JavaScript framework based on Yahoo! Cocktails, a mobile application development platform introduced by Yahoo! Developer Network. JavaScript is the only programming language which is used for Yahoo! Cocktails Platform. Since, client and server components are both written in JavaScript, Mojito can run on both the client side (browser) and the server.


Derby is a model-view controller (MVC) JavaScript framework for both client-side and server-side. It is ideal for creating real-time mobile and web applications. Our expert team of derby developers help you create the application from scratch or take up the existing code to turn it around.