CRM/ERP Consulting

Adherence to cakephp conventions

We follow strict akephp compliant MVC structure for developing the cakephp applications. Our expert team of cakephp developers ensure that all our applications adhere strictly to the cakephp conventions to ensure maximum portability with future versions of the framework.

Mobile App Development

Plugin driven cakephp development

Plugins are the most convenient way of extending the cakephp framework. Our expert team of cakephp developers ensure that your application is scalable and extensible by maximizing the use of industry standard plugins and libraries.

Web Application Development

DRY Approach

Dont Repeat Yourself is what cakephp brings inherently with itself. The team@enbake ensures that the advantage gets carried on and becomes prominent in your real time web applications.

Project Management and Consulting

Rapid application development

Cakephp is a rapid application development framework. Your application will be up and running in 1/10th of the time that development in any other framework will provide. This leads to a huge edge over the competition.