About Us

At Enbake, we are committed to work together to help clients grow, and to help our people grow. Our mission is to develop a holistic approach in providing services to the clients integrating techo-functional capabilities of a dedicated group of professionals to serve a common goal.

Enbake’s development services incorporate a wide range of technologies, and follow industry-standard software engineering. The diverse range of technologies cover PHP, .Net and JavaScript for web development, Iphone and other Mobile development. To provide extensibility and scalability for big projects frameworks provide a good ground to lay the foundation. Our expertise on frameworks include CakePHP, Codeigniter, Symfony and Ruby on Rails. Integrating the JS through JQuery/Prototype/scriptaculous, mootools, YUI enables us to make the website more dynamic.

Being a consulting group we are not only limited to the technical development of the websites. We have a firm believe that to promote a product or website, web promotion goes in tandem with web implementations. To promote your business our e-consultancy team provides a systematic process driven approach for web marketing through SEO copyrighting, SEM and PPC & CPM.

We are proud to maintain a diverse and satified client portfolio which consists of corporations and individual users.

For more information about the areas in which we work and our expertise, please visit our Services. Please Contact Us to at your convenience to discuss your needs and requirments.